OpenNLC is an open source implementation of BAI's Natural Language Compiler.

OpenNLC is based on their proprietary General Intelligence Algorithm, and is designed to be compatible with its respective open source project (OpenGIA). It follows an accelerated release stream for algorithm experimentation.


OpenNLC is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3, but accepts public contributions under a Contributor License Agreement. Note the use of intermediary programs or interfaces including file i/o is considered remote network interaction (this does not imply such arrangements do not constitute derivative works). See the License wiki page for further information on OpenNLC licensing.


OpenNLC requires a number of dependencies, and their installation instructions are provided on the Dependencies wiki page.


OpenNLC source code, binaries, and documentation can be accessed through the Files wiki page, or the Files repository.


Examples of Usage for OpenNLC can be found on the Examples wiki page.